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"After working with Carolyn at Golder Associates Australia and Canada, I found her to be one of the most dedicated consultants on staff who paid attention to detail and she quickly climbed the ranks due to her superior project management skills." ~Brad Tyberg

Maersk Oil Kalaallit Nunaatt A/S & ConocoPhillips Global NVE Greenland LTD  – Greenland

Environmental Impact Assessment Coordinator

Coordinated an international, multi-disciplinary team to complete two EIA's in parallel.


Project challenges overcome included: meeting Greenlandic requirements for offshore oil and gas exploration, keeping the schedule on track for 4 different time zones, meeting documentation requirements such as 100 page maximum and coordinating translation of the English document into Greenlandic and Danish.

Golder Associates Project

BP Exploration Company Limited

Project Coordinator - Field and Report

Coordinated all components of the geophysical and environmental field program for offshore drilling and exploration.


Challenges overcome included: arranging travel documents for out of country team members, shipping equipment from various areas of the world to meet at various locations along route to within a week of departure, conducting field training programs for local labourers, keeping in tough with the field lead during the 6 weeks at sea.

Golder Associates Project

Continental Minerals Corporation - Xiongcun Copper Project Tibet

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Coordinator and Air Quality and Noise lead

Coordinated an international, multi-disciplinary team to complete an ESIA to meet World Bank, Australian and Chinese regulations.


Challenges overcome during this project included: the remoteness of the project location, complex terrain, sparse infrastructure (no power), proximity to Black-neck Crane reserve, field team facing high altitude sickness, team cultural differences, political unrest, languages, time zones, tight field timeline, coordinating equipment logistics (equipment delays).

Golder Associates Pty Project



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Renewable Energy Projects

Jenner Wind farm

Vulcan Solar Energy Centre Project

Grizzly Bear Creek Wind Power Project

Chin Chute Wind Power Project

Mount Hays Wind Power Project

Pipeline Projects

Energy East Pipeline Project

South Peace River III Pipeline Extension Project

Sheep Hill Project (Australia)

Enbridge Stonefell Terminal

Waupisoo Pipeline Project

Cacouna Energy Project

       these are a few project examples

Oil sands Projects

Sure Northern Project

Firebag In-situ and Stage 4 to 6 projects

Voyageur and Voyageur Upgrader projects

Muskeg River Mine Expansion Project

Jackpine Mine Project

Kearl Lake Project

Foster Creek Project

Christina Lake Project